As of October 4, 2021, the Illinois Eviction Moratorium has ended. This means that residential tenants can once again be evicted from their units. The ending of the Illinois Eviction Moratorium also means that a “covered person” is no longer protected from evictions, and landlords are no longer required to send a tenant declaration prior to filing an eviction lawsuit. The end of the Illinois Eviction Moratorium benefits Homeowner Associations because Illinois Courts will now allow Homeowner Associations to freely collect on delinquent assessments without any obstacles.

The State of Illinois as well as various counties throughout Illinois have set up rental assistance programs to help tenants pay rent that they owe to their landlords. However, our office is anticipating that a wave of landlord/tenant issues will arise over the next few months. We can assist you during this time. Tressler LLP attorneys handle evictions, collections, litigation and general corporate work for their HOA, community association and landlord/tenant clients. We are available at any time to help you develop a plan to enforce any back-due rent or collections. 

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