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Boards Must Move Quickly to Rent Units Pursuant to Collection Forcible Orders in 2015

The relevant provisions of the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer code provisions governing collection actions for unpaid assessments will change in the new year.  Specifically, the Forcible Entry and Detainer Statute has been amended to create an eight month cut-off… Continue Reading →

City of Chicago Releases Sample Bedbug Plan

Previously, we noted that City of Chicago-based condominium and homeowners associations must now adopt a bedbug management plan to comply with the City’s new bedbug ordinance, effective at the beginning of this year.  Associations must adopt a plan prior to… Continue Reading →

Illinois Appellate Court Confirms the Implied Authority to Regulate Common Areas

On May 14, 2013, the Illinois Appellate Court, Third District, issued its decision in the case of Ripsch v. Goose Lake Association, 2013 IL App (3d) 120319. The question raised before the appellate court was “Does a homeowners association have… Continue Reading →

City of Chicago Condominium Records Inspection Ordinance Changes Again

The City Council of Chicago has amended Municipal Ordinance 13-72-080 regarding inspection of records of a condominium association.  Previously, the ordinance specified that financial records needed to be made available to owners who request so in writing, within ten days. … Continue Reading →

Law Alert-Illinois New Concealed Carry Act and Associations

The Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66(1), better known as the Concealed Carry Act (the “Act”), recently went into effect in Illinois. Subject to certain limitations, the Act allows a person to obtain a license to carry a concealed… Continue Reading →

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