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City of Chicago Releases Sample Bedbug Plan

Previously, we noted that City of Chicago-based condominium and homeowners associations must now adopt a bedbug management plan to comply with the City’s new bedbug ordinance, effective at the beginning of this year.  Associations must adopt a plan prior to March 24, 2014.  The City’s Department of Health has now released a sample plan, available here, that contains guidelines for what the City would like to see in an association’s bedbug plan.

Upon preliminary review, adopting a plan as part of an association’s rules should not be an insurmountable task.  Associations, though, should discuss how best to implement a plan for their particular association to determine if any additional rules or covenants may be needed to comply.  It is important to note that this sample plan addresses issues that may involve existing rights in an association’s declaration and covenants, such as a board’s right of access for inspection or maintenance, fines, penalties, or charge-backs to a unit, and access to units without owner consent (in some scenarios).  Therefore, it is important to review your plan with your attorney to determine compliance and applicable terms of your existing declaration.

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