Effective through at least April 15th or until further notice, Tressler LLP is urging all of its Condominium or Common-Interest Community Association boards to strongly consider rescheduling any non-essential board meetings or events of 25 people or more. Meetings or events of any size should be reconsidered and remote collaboration tools should be used instead. If remote collaboration is used and in order to comply with the requirement of all board meetings being “open” to owners, all owners must be able to listen and have the ability to participate during any open-forum portion of any board meeting.  This can be accomplished by scheduling a meeting at a location where a conference call phone can be utilized for owners to hear and participate in the open meeting while some or all of the board members participate by calling into the conference call line.

Please reach out to Tressler HOA Law partners, Kat Formeller ( or Kathy Heitkemper ( to discuss transitioning your open board meetings to remote collaboration during these next few weeks. Tressler LLP’s HOA Law Group is here to provide continued guidance and support to all of our association clients during this time.