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An Open Meetings Reminder

Similar to units of local government, condominiums and common interest community associations have their version of an Open Meetings Act. Section 18(a)(9) of the Illinois Condominium Act provides “that meetings of the board of managers shall be open to any unit owner, except for the portion of any meeting held (i) to discuss litigation when an action against or on behalf of the particular association has been filed and is pending in a court or administrative tribunal, or when the board of managers finds that such an action is probable or imminent, (ii) to consider information regarding appointment, employment or dismissal of an employee, or (iii) to discuss violations of rules and regulations of the association or a unit owner’s unpaid share of common expenses.”

The Condominium Act goes on to state that “any vote on these matters shall be taken at a meeting or portion thereof open to any unit owner.” Section 1-40(b)(5) of the Common Interest Community Association Act contains similar language. Therefore, please be sure to allow for open meetings except for the three above mentioned exceptions.

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