Gov. JB Pritzker has announced a phase out of the statewide moratorium on evictions to begin August 1, 2021, and to end by August 31, 2021.  This announcement was made in conjunction with the state’s launch of a $1.5 billion rental relief program for Illinois. Repeated executive orders issued by the governor during the pandemic have banned virtually all evictions in Illinois since March 2020. However, the eventual end to the eviction moratorium is expected in a few short weeks and our offices anticipate a wave of issues for landlord/tenant clients.

Given these changes, it is important to be cognizant of pandemic-related laws to ensure protection against liability. We can assist you during this time.  Tressler LLP attorneys handle collections, litigation and general corporate work for their HOA, community association, and landlord/tenant clients.  We are available to help you develop a plan to enforce any back-due collections or rent.  Only through proactive planning and careful execution, will your business mitigate the impact of COVID-19.  

Matt is available for a complimentary consultation at or by phone at (312) 627-4052.

Matthew O’Malley (“Matt”) is an associate attorney at Tressler LLP in Chicago and member of the Litigation and HOA Practice Groups.  Further, he serves as Secretary of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Matt advises his clients on litigation strategies, skillfully representing them through all phases of litigation and holds a track record of success in both bench and jury trials.   Matt assists his condominium and HOA clients on a wide range of general corporate issues, including the creation and amendments of governing documents, daily operations, and collection work. Matt can be reached at and is able to help evaluate your business records, and otherwise assist you.