Yes. The Illinois Condominium Property Act as well as the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure allow and authorize a condominium association, after issuance of a proper notice, filing of a lawsuit and entry of a judgment, to seek eviction of a unit owner for unpaid assessments. This process involves the association issuing, through its counsel, a notice and demand for possession. Once that demand for possession expires, and the owner has not paid the balance that is due, the association will file a lawsuit to seek both personal judgment and possession of a unit. Once the judgment is entered, the association may place the writ with the sheriff and the sheriff will process the writ for restitution. This means that the sheriff will come and tender possession of the property to the association and away from the owner. Owners may restore possession of their condominium units by paying the balance that is due, plus all attorneys’ fees, costs, and assessments that have accrued since the time of judgment.